Owner and founder John Maslack is known throughout the industry as a solution provider.

Since opening Maslack Supply for business in 1959 with a 5,000 square foot facility on Barrydowne Road, later expanding to a 34,000 square foot warehouse on Falconbridge Road (which he has since expanded further to 70,000 square feet of warehouse and training facilities), he has spent his entire career working to provide his customers with ways to get the job done.

With that driving customer-centric inspiration, Maslack has been and continues to be proudly known as your automotive parts and service solution throughout the industry and each community that it is a part of.

Having opened four additional locations in the past 10 years alone, the Maslack group of companies has grown to include 13 locations across Northern Ontario. Maslack continues to grow exponentially to service the North with the highest quality, efficiency and customer-driven staff that have made it a landmark in the automotive industry since its humble beginnings.

Regardless of how far the company expands and of the number of employees and customers, John Maslack’s founding principles from those humble beginnings continue to be Maslack Supply’s bedrock for operations. Simply put: there is no magic formula, no secret weapon—just a lot of spirit and the conviction that a customer is the most important element in any business.